What I’m doing now?

Updated: Feb 21, 2024

Hot, hot, hot


In progress
  • Studying accessibility at Deque University. The most complete accessibility training.
  • Part of the Design and Innovation team for Citi Bank in Warsaw.
  • Studying C#, Unity3d and Blender. I am taking courses at Udemy, Crehana and the mini-degree in Virtual Reality at Zenva Academy.
  • (Completed) Research on a workflow between project managers, designers and developers.
  • Meditating on writing a book on the Cosmogony of Tantric Shivaism in Kashmir. My idea is to write a chapter a month that can be accessed through Patreon. After about 18 months I would have the complete book. I’m looking for related ideas and solutions
  • As a fan of Afro-Cuban culture, I have a Telegram channel where I use to share historical data, curiosities, videos, etc. with Cuban music as the central axis:
  • Topics related to research and experimentation between interface, virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality. As a concept, I am interested in artificial intelligence and video game design.
  • Usability and accessibility.
  • The ethics of design.
  • Product design processes and workflows.
  • India. I have been studying Yoga and Meditation for more than 10 years. I am interested in everything related to their culture, philosophy and religion. Both classic and contemporary.
  • Drupal. I like this CMS and especially the community that supports it.
I’m looking for
  • Projects that allow me to work remotely (100% or partial). Right now I am living between Spain (Madrid), the United Kingdom (London) and Poland (Warsaw). My idea is to be able to stay in Spain (preferably Madrid or in the Andalusia area).
  • As a freelancer, I charge an average of 350-400 euros per day (40-50 € / h) for projects of 40 hours a week and more than three months. The price per hour increases if the duration is shorter. I am open to a permanent contract.
  • Projects related to design teaching and research.
  • Virtual, augmented and/or video game reality projects. I would like to be part of the interaction, prototyping, research and UX team.

Thanks for getting here. If you want, you can get to know me better as a designer or read my blog where you can read my latest articles and reflections on design.