What I am doing now

Updated: 20th of November 2019

Hot, hot, hot
  • Translating my website to English. Now is in Spanglish. Meanwhile, the English version of the blog will be published in my Raúl Redondo profile on Medium.
  • Studying C#, Unity3d and Blender. I’m taking courses at Udemy and the mini-degree in Virtual Reality at Zenva Academy.
  • I returned to Madrid to join the Tuenti team as a global product designer (Teléfonica Movistar). In a global design project for more than 15 countries.
  • (Done) Move the web page of to The idea is to focus my profile on digital product design for web, mobile and virtual reality. I made the new website with the designer Cesar Velasco. For convenience and speed, we have used WordPress. The fonts are PT Serif and PT sans with collage illustrations made by me.
  • I have been studying for more than 10 years of Yoga and Meditation. I teach people about how to solve personal and couple problems.
  • Meditating on writing a book on the cosmogony of Tantric Shivaism of Kashmir. My idea is to write a chapter a month that are accessible via Patreon. After about 18 months I would have the complete book. I’m looking for ideas and related solutions.
  • As a fan of Afro-Cuban culture, I lead a channel on Telegram where I share historical data, curiosities, videos, etc. with Cuban music as the central axis:
  • Topics related to research and experimentation between interface, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed. As a concept, I am interested in artificial intelligence and video game design.
  • Usability and accessibility.
  • Product design processes and workflows.
  • India. I am interested in everything related to their culture, philosophy and religion. Both classical and contemporary.
  • Drupal. I really like this CMS and especially the community behind it.
  • Projects that allow me to work remotely (100% or partial). Right now I am living between Spain (Madrid), United Kingdom (London) and Poland (Warsaw). My idea is to be able to stay in Spain (preferable Madrid or in the area of Andalusia).
  • As a freelance, I charge an average of 350-400 euros per day (40-50 €/h) for projects of 40 hours per week and more than three months. The price per hour increases if the duration is shorter. I am open to a permanent contract.
  • Projects related to teaching and design research.
  • Working on virtual reality, augmented and/or video games. I would like to be part of the interaction, prototyping, research and UX team.

Thanks for getting here. If you want, you can discover more about me as a designer or read my blog (in Spanish pro tempora) with my latest articles and reflections on design.